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Num Nums - Best Indian Takeaway in Wentworthville

Dining at a restaurant is fun! When you choose to dine at a restaurant, you are not only tasting the meal but also sampling the feel of the restaurant. However, we understand that you might not be able to opt to dine in each and every time. That’s why Num Nums provides fast and efficient Indian takeaway options at its Wentworthville branch. 

You could be having a bad day and want to decompress, you could be unwell and unable to leave the house, you could be working on a tight deadline, or you could simply not feel like cooking. Regardless of the cause, ordering takeout is a convenient way to dine without having to cook. At Num Nums, you can choose from an array of Indian dishes, which cater to almost every food palette and preference.

Our Indian Takeaway Menu

As one of the best Indian restaurant, bakery and catering service providers in Wentworthville, Num Nums can provide a wide range of North Indian/South Indian dishes, street food, sweets and chaat items. You can choose from our diverse range of Indian snacks that cater to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian lovers. From Hors d’oeuvres to main dishes, our menu is equipped with the quintessential Indian cuisine that will ultimately satiate your taste buds and satisfy your appetite. 

Here are a few Indian dishes you can order from Indian takeaways.


We offer some of the most amazing South Indian breakfast staples and other food items that are from the different regions in India. We also offer a small mini tiffin that is perfect to satisfy your hunger and help you kickstart your day on a great note. 

  • Idly – A savoury rice cake that is made using a fermented lentil and rice batter. This is a popular breakfast option in the South of India and is well-known for being a healthy breakfast.
  • Vada – This is a flavourful and savoury fried snack that resembles a fried doughnut. These scrumptious fritters can be a popular breakfast and snack option in India.
  • Pongal – This is a popular South Indian breakfast that is made from boiling rice and lentils together. Pongal can either be made as a sweet dish or a savoury dish, and both taste absolutely fantastic.
  • Uttapam – This common Indian breakfast has a soft and fluffy texture and can be topped with various vegetables to make it more flavourful.
  • Khaman Dhokla – A type of savoury cake made with a batter of gram flour and a leavening agent, dhokla is one of the most popular North Indian breakfast and snack options.
  • Kothu Parotta – Kothu Parotta is a popular South Indian dish that is made by frying shredded parotta, a flaky flatbread, vegetables, meat and egg.
  • Kari Dosa – Now get the taste of Madurai in Wentworthville! Kari Dosa is similar to Uttapam in texture. The fluffy pizza-like dish is, however, topped with a generous helping of meat.


We also provide a variety of Indian fast food & snacks options that are delicious and inexpensive. These snacks are perfect for any time during the day.  We also offer delicious non-veg snacks that are great for tea time or for a small gathering with your friends and family.

  • Paneer 65 – A spicy Indian appetizer cum snack that is made by deep-frying cottage cheese that is dipped in a spice and flour mixture.
  • Puffs – This popular snack is made by baking puff pastry that is stuffed with vegetables, cottage cheese, mushrooms or lean meat like chicken.
  • Pakora – This popular fritter is enjoyed throughout Indian and is made by deep-frying vegetables, cottage cheese or meat that is coated with spiced gram flour.
  • Aloo Tikki – This crispy snack is enjoyed not only in India but also in the neighbouring nations of Pakistan and Bangladesh. The snack is made by shallow frying boiled potatoes, spices and herbs. 
  • Kheema Samosa – Samosa is a common and delicious snack option in not just India but other nations. Kheema samosas are stuffed with minced mutton which further adds to the taste.
  • Chicken 65 – The non-veg version of the Paneer 65 is made using succulent pieces of chicken. This is a must-try for all non-veg lovers.
  • Amritsari Fish – This simple dish made with boneless fish bursts with flavour because of the unique combination of spices that have been used.
  • Egg Bonda – This spicy fritter is a popular snack that is made by dipping boiled eggs in a spicy batter and deep-frying them.


We also offer three different biryanis made for biryani lovers.  Biryani as we know is a world-famous Indian dish that takes time and experience to master but is well worth the effort. Long-grained rice (like basmati) made with vegetables or chicken is made using a rich sauce and seasoned with fragrant spices like saffron. This is undoubtedly a dish for a special occasion. 

  1. Veg Dum Biryani
  2. Chicken Dum Biryani
  3. Mutton Dum Biryani

Desi Burritos

Our in-house desi burritos are made stuffed with our biryani rice. We have one for vegetarians and nonvegetarians pack an amazingly flavourful punch that will keep you asking for more. 

  1. Veg  Burrito Veg Burrito(Veg Biriyani, Salad & Sour Cream)
  2. Chicken Burrito ( Biriyani Rice, Chicken 65, Salad & Sour Cream)

Sandwich & Kulcha

Our veg and non-veg sandwiches are great to have as a snack, but they are definitely filling if you just want to have them as a meal. 

  1. Veg Grill Sandwich
  2. Cheese & Chutney Sandwich 
  3. Chilli Cheese Toast 
  4. Paneer Tikka Sandwich 
  5. Murukku Sandwich 
  6. Crispy Kulcha
  7. Bread Omelette 
  8. Chicken Tikka Sandwich 
  9. Chicken Tikka Kulcha

Kids Menu 

Any takeaway menu is simply incomplete without a kids menu. We have curated a simple kids menu that is every kid’s favourite fast food to indulge in. 

  1. Chocolate & Cheese Sandwich 
  2. Nutella M&M Sandwich
  3. Cheese Sandwich 
  4. Bread & Butter 
  5. Fries 
  6. Chicken Nuggets

Indian Style Wraps

Kathi roll is an Indian-style wrap that can be filled with a variety of fresh ingredients. In many parts of India, they are a common street dish. Kathi rolls can also be found in most fast-food restaurants, canteens, restaurants and even fast food stalls. We have made sure our Kathi rolls are fit for anyone who is looking to enjoy a quiet bite on the go or in the comfort of their home. We offer

  1. Veg Kathi Roll
  2. Paneer Tikka Kathi Roll
  3. Chicken Tikka Kathi Roll


In India, the term “chaat” refers to more than just a collection of yummy snacks: It’s a way of life and a culinary category that encompasses almost every flavour profile that makes it even more appealing—sweet, sour, tangy, spicy, and crunchy. Chaat is a dish that can be consumed at any moment. Some of the popular chaat items that we provide include

  1. Samosa Chaat 
  2. Cuttlete Channa Chaat
  3. Pappadi Chaat 
  4. Basket Chaat 
  5. Sevi Dahi Poori
  6. Pani Poori 6 pc
  7. Bread Chaat 
  8. Dahi Vada
  9. Kachori Chaat 
  10. Aloo Chaat
  11. Ragada Pani Poori 
  12. Bombay Bhel
  13. Ragda Pattice
  14. Vada Pav


Our desi style pizza has a bit of Punjabi fusion and is a super hit with every age group! We make our paneer tikka and chicken tikka pizzas using our special in-house tikka masala sauce is definitely a must-try. 

  1. Veg Pizza
  2. Cheese Pizza
  3. Paneer Tikka Pizza
  4. Chicken Tikka Pizza

Shakes & Drinks

We have a shake and drink for every taste palette looking to quench and accompany their meals with a refreshing drink. Try our kalakhatta soda if you are really feeling adventurous and want to try something new. 

Furthermore, we also have a range of hot beverages for anyone who loves to end their meals with a hot cup of chai or coffee. Our chai and filter coffee is definitely a must-try!

Make a Meal 

Our mini meals are perfect for anyone who wants to indulge in a small but wholesome meal that they make on their own.

  1. Any Kathi roll/Sandwich + Can Drink + Fries
  2. Rice + 2 veg curry + Salad & Pickle + Can Drink 
  3. Biryani + Any Meat Dish + Can Drink

Advantages of Ordering Takeaway from Num Nums

Extremely Easy & Seamless Process

When you opt for takeaway, one of the most evident user benefits is the frictionless procedure that our team can provide. You can order meals online at nearly any time and from any location, saving time and resources that you might spend dining in the restaurant. If you are a regular, you can also benefit from the opportunity to effortlessly reorder custom and favourite orders and avoid waiting at the restaurant. We focus on offering these easy benefits to you simply because we want to strengthen our relationship with you. 

Minimal Contact With Others

One of the most critical benefits of opting for our takeaway option during this COVID-19 pandemic is minimising the amount of contact with others. This helps to keep the virus from spreading to consumers, staff, and the general public. Also, opting for takeaway can also help you balance your hectic schedules and allow you to enjoy a greater work/life balance. 

Cost & Time Effective

Takeaway options also help reduce the costs you spend on food and travel. This is because dining would require you to travel to the restaurant. You would also spend some amount of time when you choose to dine at a restaurant. This all can be avoided through our takeaway option. Also, there would be no waiting for a table at our restaurant because all orders can be taken at any time of the day. 

Variety of Options

When you are ordering from Num Nums you can rest assured that you will get all the dishes, ranging from appetisers and mains to snacks and sweets, available at the restaurant. So, we are one of the best options to choose from if you are looking to order Indian food in Wentworthville. Our services can help you order the exact dish you desire in the shortest time possible.

Enjoy Gourmet Indian Food At Your Home

The best part about takeaway is that you can eat from the comfort of your own home! You won’t have to wait in large lines for a table in our busy restaurant. You can also work from home without stress, especially if you are working in the morning or you have an important meeting in the afternoon. We also understand that some customers might feel awkward eating alone at the restaurant. So, ordering food via takeaway is one of the best options for them.  

Same Food Quality 

We at Num Nums can assure you will get the same quality and delicious taste even when you opt for takeaway. No matter which dish you order, it will be wrapped in such a way that the heat is retained and the food stays hot and fresh till you eat it. You’ll also get silverware and napkins, so you won’t have to worry about dishes. When you opt for takeaway, you also won’t have to fight the throng to get seated at a restaurant while waiting for your delectable meal.

No Room For Error 

How many times have you placed an order over the phone only to receive something completely different or food item that you didn’t ask for? But we can assure you this won’t be the case with Num Nums. Our chefs and staff members double-check each order to ensure that you get what you ordered as soon as possible. 

If you are in Wentworthville and you are looking to order from Indian takeaways, then you need to check out Num Nums.  Indian cuisine is well-known for its variety. Indian food is one of the most wholesome foods in the world because of the range of ingredients, spices, and dishes that are local to the country. Traditional Indian cuisine is not only delicious but also nutritious, with numerous health benefits. So, you don’t need to worry even if it is your first-time ordering it.