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Numnums - The Best Indian Restaurant in Harris Park

Numnums was started with the goal of providing pan-Indian delicacies for people in Harris Park. The Indian culture is a part of our history and it is reflected in the food that we prepare. Our Indian dishes will tantalize you with their peculiar aroma of the Indian spices, which we use in our homegrown dishes. We use a variety of lentils, vegetables and meat which give the food the taste which our restaurant is known for. The variety of spices used in our dishes distinguish each meal as exotic, delectable, and distinct from the rest of the cuisines. Our Indian menu has a lot of tasty dishes that it may be impossible to try all of it all at once in one go. Numnums makes the taste of Indian food as close to what you’d experience in India as possible. Our restaurant offers traditional dishes which have a great meaning in our Indian culture. Come and visit us and taste our culinary expertise!

Why visit Numnums when you can go to other Indian Restaurants

Our restaurant is known for its hospitality, use of fresh ingredients and unique Indian menu which is favoured by people across the globe.  Our restaurant has added North Indian and Indian Chaat to its menu, as well as renowned South Indian and Indo-Chinese dishes. If you’re a biryani fan, the Hyderabadi Dum Biryanis are also worth trying. Our restaurant is famed for its spicy, zesty Hyderabadi Dum Biryanis, which are full of flavour. Aside from that, they provide vegetarian options like Veg Dum Biryani. The pricing is fair, and the quality of the food and flavour speak for themselves.

Indian cuisine has such a wide variety that it may be impossible to try all of it in your lifetime, let alone all at once. However, here are a few of our favourites that you’re sure to find at our Indian restaurant near you. Ordering a large number of main courses and spreading them around the table, like with most restaurant experiences, is our recommendation.


Everyone might know how spicy and tasty Indian cuisine is! The taste in Indian cuisine is due to the right blend of spices and slow cooking methods used for curries. There is no compromise in taste and we assure you that your taste buds would be demanding more once you try out our delicacies. Indian food makes use of tamarind, cardamom and other pungent ingredients which results in a unique taste that is mouth-watering and aromatic. Our chefs have extensive experience in Indian cuisine and know how to extract the flavour and taste of each and every ingredient to make every dish succulent and delicious.


Knowing what to order can be difficult with so many famous Indian meals on the menu. Making a decision can be challenging, especially for individuals who aren’t used to eating Indian food. We specialize in making mixed rice dish biryani, offer both comfortable eating and a warm and welcome indoor ambience, making it great for catching up with family and friends over exquisite and authentic Indian cooking. Main dishes include veg curries, chicken biryani and other delicacies, which can be eaten in-house or taken home for a quick and easy weekday dinner during these trying times.


Our restaurant is usually filled with families, couples, friends and solo foodies who want to experiment with traditional and modern cuisine, which is known for its exceptional flavour and richness. The ambience is lively and can be enjoyed by almost everyone. We have decorated our restaurant keeping in mind the essence of India and what it has to offer to our customers. Our restaurant is also a mini-getaway for our guests who are trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Harris Park is a very well connected suburb and can be accessed from any part of Australia. This makes it easy for guests from any part of Australia to visit our restaurant. You could opt to drive into our restaurant as it is easily accessible via road. Our restaurant also offers a variety of classic and modern Indian dishes to suit the taste of a wide range of people. You could also opt to choose our DIY ‘Make a Meal’ option and other on-the-go options.

Our Excellent Delicacies

From Indian Style Wraps, Desi chaats and Biriyanis to Burritos, Pizza and Beverages with an Indian touch, Numnums restaurant has it all that you would need to experience the food culture of India. Go ahead and indulge in the world of flavours and take back home a bit of ‘Indian’ness. For Biriyani lovers out there, we have Veg and Non-veg biriyani that could impress you and create a need within you to have more! If you love South Indian food, we have Poori, Pongal and much more! Chaat lovers can indulge in Aloo chaat, samosa chaat and so on.

You can pick from the fine list of vegetable and non-veg snacks like the all-time favourite Samosa, Aloo Bonda, Onion Pakoda, Aloo Tikki, Chicken 65, Chicken Puff and so on. If hot beverages or cold drinks are what you would need, we do have a list of that as well. We also have a specially curated Kid’s menu with a variety of sandwiches, fries and yummy chicken nuggets which makes Numnums a delightful family dining space where you could enjoy Indian food with your family. So, what are you waiting for? Peruse through the detailed menu, right from the starters to the main course, desserts and beverages, order the food of your choice!

  • Crispy Kulcha is like pita bread, but crispier, fluffier and stuffed with goodness. Our kulcha is stuffed with the choicest potatoes which are then mashed and spiced with freshly grounded spices and stuffed in the kulcha. We then fry our kulcha till it’s crispy.
  • Veg Kathi rolls can also be referred to as Indian-style wraps. We fill these flat wheat bread Rotis with freshly spiced and sautéed veggies like capsicum, mashed potato, green peas, carrots and even mushrooms! We pair the Kathi rolls with fresh green mint chutney or tomato sauce on top and the side for more flavour.
  • Chicken Tikka Kathi Roll has fresh spices in a whole wheat Kathi roll or roti which is served with fresh mint and green chilli chutney. The chicken filling also has sautéed mixed veggies, pickled onions, capsicums and a dash of chaat masala.
  • Murukku Sandwich is made using fresh and crunchy murukku, an aromatic and crunchy snack made from rice flour and urad dal flour. Our unique and delicious South Indian savoury snack is an inspired sandwich that is crunchy, crispy and delicious!
  • Vada pav is one of our popular Indian street foods easily found in Bombay. Our Indian street food item is made with deep-fried potato dumplings which are placed inside a bread bun (pav) and are precisely sliced almost in half through the middle. Our in-house vada pav also comes with the quintessential chutneys and green chilli pepper.
  • Dum Biryani is our meal which is fit for a vegetarian or non-vegetarian and is made with handpicked vegetables, a special biryani and herbs and spice mix cooked with top quality basmati rice. The flavours create harmony with your taste buds, which can convert a non-vegetarian into a vegetarian and vice versa.
  • Our special Uthappam is made from our in-house batter, which we also consider to be super healthy and delicious. This healthy dosa is made with semolina flour, fresh shallots, green chillies and vegetable toppings, that gives our in-house uttapam an unforgettable flavour. Our uttapams are an ideal breakfast option that caters to your palette and health.
  • Amritsari Fish has a unique taste from its preparation which makes our dish a star. Our Amritsari fish is a spicy, tangy and carefully deep-fried snack that has an amazingly distinctive and delicious taste that comes from our batter recipe which is specially prepared for our Amritsari fish dish only.
  • Kothu Parotta or shredded flatbread is tossed well in stir-fries and spicy vegetables with masala, eggs, or chicken. It is a famous South Indian cuisine that originated from Tamil Nadu. ‘Kothu’ means minced or shredded, and this recipe of Kothu parotta is all about shredded parotta tossed in chicken and fried vegetables.
  • Chicken 65 are mouth-watering fritters that are made using the perfect combination of fresh herbs and spices, which give this unique dish its most talked-about flavour and crunch quotient. Indulge in this chicken 65 to experience the divine combination of taste, preparation technique and true authenticity yourself.
  • Pani Pooris also referred to as Gol gappas in India, are an extremely popular Indian fast food item that is adored across the country. They are a bite-sized chaat dish that is popular all over India, which are crispy-fried, and hollow puffed balls that are filled with potatoes, chickpeas, spices, onions and tangy flavoured water that is made of tamarind, mint or green chilli. It is then eaten as a whole so that the pooris break in your mouth and mix with the tangy water and chickpeas masala.

Enjoy a Flavourful Meal

Our delicious menu has been curated to entice you with the best of Indian cuisine that will offer an unforgettable journey into the land of tastes. You could get a first-hand authentic experience of the taste of Indian food right here at Harris Park in Australia rather than booking tickets and travelling to India. Indians take pride in offering a variety of food that has surpassed all the borders. You could experience the Indian heritage and get a scoop of Indian culture as you indulge in Indian cuisine.

As one of the uniqueness of India is ‘Unity in Diversity’, you could see that there are a lot of dishes that have not yet come to the mainstream. It is a fact that Indian food could serve as a gastronomic treat. One of the misconceptions about Indian food in common is that it seems to be on the spicier side. However, you could find a variety of Indian food that is not at all spicy.  The rich culinary heritage of India has evolved over the centuries. Most of the spices and ingredients used in Indian food are native to India.

It has been scientifically proven that consuming spices present in the food does good for health rather than harm. Food should be consumed mindfully by prioritising so that the body gets essential nutrients. From Breakfast to light snacks, lunch and dinner, we have it all to keep you going strong throughout the day and end the day on a flavourful note. Having wholesome good food would make you feel full and provide energy for the day. The highlight of it all is the variety you could choose from – for any time of the day and any type of food. We have beverages, light snacks, curries, chaats – you name it and we have it! For the meat lovers in you, there is a wide variety of meat dishes in all forms for you to pick. Opt for a dish and enjoy it to the fullest!